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Terra Blasting Services

This is the ultimate solution for your property's soil restoration needs. At Dalton Jodrey Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we understand the challenges you face with compacted soil, drainage issues, and more. Discover how Terra Blasting can rejuvenate your soil while preserving your Nova Scotia property's integrity.

Advantages of Terra Blasting
Enhanced Soil Health

Terra Blasting rejuvenates soil, eliminating compaction and poor drainage.

Cost-Effective Solution

Terra Blasting is a budget-friendly alternative compared to disruptive leach field replacements.

Sustainable Results

Terra Blasting restores your soil, assuring long-term function and drainage.

What Is Terra Blasting?

Terra Blasting is a state-of-the-art method we employ to address common soil problems. From troublesome compaction to poor drainage, our Terra Blasting service offers you an effective solution that won't disrupt your property.

The Science Behind Terra Blasting

Here's how it works:

Our Terra Blasting process utilizes cutting-edge equipment that penetrates deep into the soil. Through a precision-controlled airflow system, we alleviate compaction, creating the ideal aerobic environment for your soil. Simultaneously, we introduce polystyrene pellets, ensuring the soil retains its open passages for proper fluid percolation.



Want to know more? Connect with us to explore Terra Blasting's potential for your property.

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