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Safe and Reliable Septic Services in Nova Scotia


Whenever possible, we pump from your driveway and not from your lawn. Dalton Jodrey Plumbing & Heating Ltd has been servicing the Lunenburg County area with our fully licensed septic technicians for over 40 years.

Septic tanks are created to function with minimal care and worry. However, there are certain issues that require repair or replacement. Is it time to empty or clean your septic tank? Dalton Jodrey Plumbing & Heating Ltd offers extensive septic services in Nova Scotia. 

We provide the following septic services:

Septic tank

Septic tank location

Septic system maintenance, including:

Sludge removal


Baffle check

Holding tank pump-outs scheduled to your needs

Pumping frequency recommendation

Septic tank inspections

We offer a reminder service, letting you know it's time to pump your septic tank! (if your address changes, let us know.)


Is It Time to Empty or Clean Your Septic Tank?

We offer comprehensive septic tank services that you can always count on.

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