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Safety Hacks for Plumbing and Heating Services in Nova Scotia


At Dalton Jodrey Plumbing & Heating Ltd, we want you to know some hacks that will help you take care of your plumbing system. 

For clogged drains:

Bent wire hanger

When you find that the shower drain is beginning to fill up, it is typically a clog of hair and soap water. The easiest method to fix this includes straightening out a metal wire coat hanger. The very end of the hanger is bent to form a semi-circle shape so that it can comfortably hold on to the hair and the soap water, and then force it down the drain.

Baking soda and vinegar

The same materials that children use in volcano projects can also help open the drains. Just pour about five tablespoons of baking soda down the sink, along with sufficient vinegar. Then, see if the vinegar is coming out or you don't hear a sparkling sound anymore. Seek to leave this plan in the drain for some hours before pouring warm water.

Hair snare

A bath and sink hair snare is a long plastic tool with sharp teeth. This tool is perfect for grasping and preventing superficial clogging caused by the buildup of hair and soap powder. 

Wet vacuum

In case you own a shop-vac with a wet suction system, you can form a closure around the drainage opening with the plunger head and make attempts to vacuum the congestion. To prevent a mess, make sure to cover the exhaust opening with a thin fabric.

Spend Less on Water Heating

Here’s how you can keep your water heating bills to a minimum:

Insulate the first couple of rows of your hot and cold lines

Upgrade the washing machine to an energy-efficient version

Using the cold settings on the laundry loads

Consider buying an economical water heater

Faucet Freezing and Splitting

For your outdoor faucet we recommend a non-freeze, ensure that the garden hose in the fall is detached until the temperature drops below the freezing mark. Advanced frost-free outdoor sockets are planned to drain externally until the valve is closed. When the hose is attached, the water will not be permitted out, leading to freezing and potential damage.

The Functioning of a Garburator

If you are using a garburator, ensure cold water is run through when the device is functioning. This will wash most food debris down into the wider areas of your home drainage system.

Accumulation in Drains

To keep the kitchen drain from being filled up and covered, often extract as much grease from dishes and pans as possible before cleaning or washing in the kitchen sink. Throw this in a compost tank instead. 

Cleaning Drains

Abstain from dumping corrosive drain cleaners down the drain. This will damage the piping systems, septic systems, drain cleaning equipment and result in environmental waste.

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